I am on mission to inspire and equip people of all ages to take

charge of their stress levels.


A Culture of Stress & Burnout


35% of Canadians are reporting feeling burned out.  


Yes, the pandemic affected this however burnout & stress aren't new.  In fact, hearing people talk about how stressed out and busy they are is quite common in North American culture.


I believe it's time for a change. 


  • Let's start talking more about what self care really is.


  • Let's redefine our relationship with it so that when    "stress happens" we respond to it in a way that protects our precious health (physical & mental).


  • Let's equip people with tools & strategies to deal with it in  the moment and not just at the end of the day (or week).


Ready to talk about supporting your team or organization with the stresses they feel?  


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Worried about employee stress

& burnout?


My workshops help people cope     with stress in the moment. 


                 Cher Brasok                     Stress Management Expert





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What People Are Saying About Cher

“Cher was extremely down-to-earth, but at

the same time, maintained a sense of professionalism that is quite unique and refreshing. I would recommend Cher for any company encouraging their employees to find innovative ways of dealing with stress in a positive way."

Justin Loranger, Healthy Workplace Coordinator, City of Calgary


"The session was very well done, very engaging for an virtual session. The instructor was a pro and made the topic interesting by sharing her own struggles with the issue. Very relatable."

City of Calgary - Lunch & Learn Participant


“Extremely knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic, easy to listen to and learn from."

Calgary City Teachers Convention Attendee


"I believe this workshop will help each of our employees in their business relationships and bring the calm back in by being more aware."

Ashley Fry, HR/Executive Assistant, Manufacturers Health & Safety Association


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