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The Stress of Change

When it comes to coping with change, it is important to remember there are 2 aspects: practical and emotional. Many times we are forced to dive into the practical aspect only to find that we are struggling. This workshop will help build your change resilience and provide strategies for supporting others who are struggling change.

Burnout – Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

More people are reporting feeling burned out now than ever before. Are we surprised? The world is fatigued and trying to heal from the complexity of the pandemic and people are trying to find their way forward. The great news is that things can change once we start making some changes.

What’s the big deal about Mindfulness?

There is quite a buzz about mindfulness these days, but what exactly is it and how can it help you shift out of autopilot and into healthier, more intentional responses to your life both inside and & outside work?

Remember to Breathe

We’ve heard it a million times “Just a take a deep breath” … as annoying as it is to hear, it is still good advice.  Let’s dive into the science behind it, explore how it really works and what it can do for you in times of stress and overwhelm.

No Needles Required: Acupressure for Stress Relief

When it comes to dealing with stress, one size does not fit all.  If you are wanting to explore new ways to cope, join me to learn about acupressure.  It is a practice that has been around for over 5000 years that, for some, is a highly effective (and easy) way to help feel calmer during times of stress. 


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Participant Feedback


"Cher's perspective on the importance of handing stress encouraged me to work with new and unique coping strategies."

Justin Loranger, Healty Workplace Coordinator, Cith of Calgary


"Cher is down to earth, delightful and real. Every human needs to be exposed to this valuable information."

Jill McEwan, Calgary Catholic School District Conference 


"Excellent presenter, engaging, knowledgable."

Michael Bett, Executive Director, Manufacturers' Health & Safety Association


 "A practical and engaging session that would be useful for any profession. Lead with empathy & vulnerability."

Helena Dunsmore, Calgary City Teacher's Convention


"I absolutely loved everything about this session and can say with confidence I will be using these techniques and passing them onto my team to help them cope with covid and any other stressors that continue to arise in the workplace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 

City of Calgary, Lunch & Learn Attendee









 Employee Well-Being tops the list of

Forbes' 2023 Top 10 HR Trends!


According to Forbes' report, "Workplace stress is on the rise and companies are creating workplaces to be engines of well-being. Experiencing stress at work impacts the indivdual worker and

the worker's relationships with friends, family and co-workers. The recent Surgeon General report on Mental Health & Well-Being reports that 81% of workers say they will be looking for  workplaces that support mental health."


My workshops equip people with a variety of tools they can use immediately to cope with the stresses they feel. A great addition to any mental health/wellness program or initiative!


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